Thursday, October 2, 2014


       I passed through a mystical experience
at 4:30 A.M. today... and it carried me a step towards my goal of unifying the split
in the psyche between the spirit and the flesh.
       Make no mistake, the spiritual and the
erotic both partake of the infinite atoms
and energies of the same universe. There
is nothing, not even E.S.P., not even union
with God, nothing that is not corporeal.
       Atoms and energies take part in both experiences, in fact in all events that happen
through the medium of the human brain...

       So why do we revere the spiritual
and denigrate the physical? (Same old
question on this site.)

        I had a transcendent experience
this morning. I felt Aphrodite smile
within me. I felt Her smile with mercy
within my heart...I felt Her tender
         What had I been doing before
this? I had been obsessing with
sexual desire focusing on psychological
fetish. I had been focusing for hours
on various aspects of the beauty
of women, the beauty of womanhood,
feeling passion and devotion.
         It was then I felt the transcendent
presence of Aphrodite within me.

         The sense I got was that the energies
of the Father God, God of Abraham, God  who
opens the clouds,Lord of the meeting rivers;
the God of Christ and the prophets...that the chaste communion with the one who is creating us
could meld and merge into the love of Aphrodite - that the two divinities
were one in the same, especially
through the prism and the
mirror of FORGIVENESS.

            I felt this. I sensed this: that the
two energies partake of one divinity -
that He and She are of the Same.
            "I am he who is of the Same."
Christ said this in the Gospel of Thomas.
And Christ forgave Mary Magdalene.
She was His beloved companion, so much
so that some of the other disciples were
jealous that He  spent so much time
 with her.  (see The Gospel of Philip)

           Mystical experiences are not
experiences that can be explained 
           I attempted to express
the feeling I had in the presence of
Aphrodite with the following poem.
I'm pretty sure the poem needs more
 work, more detail. But so far,
this is the attempt. 



        I believe in spiritual love

         the love of the one

          whom we keep denying...

           denying the existence

            of the One  we




             I believe in sexual love

             the cruelties and the

              mercy of the Goddess



             I am not sure which is higher


              or sexual love

              and I don’t care which

              is higher


              She has taken

              every part of me

               cock and balls

               soul and heart


                 I have given you

                  all my songs


                  I am left standing

                   on the shore of the beautiful

                   River Lethe

                    watching the shades

                   race past


                    chasing what?

                    the corruptible?

                    feeding on what's left
                    of the flesh?


                    I have nothing more to say

                    about higher or

                     lower love…

                     there is divinity

                     at every turn


                    blindly in the dark

                     I feel my way

                     towards you


                    feeling towards

                    the inner glow 

                    of your embrace


                     moving blindly

                     feeling my way

                      in darkness


                     guided by the warmth

                      of Your smile







       II                   :                       ll


             thru us

             the mind of the

              creating One

              arises within


              as  we learn to laugh

              and dance

              with the stars


              twirl and dance

              the stars reside

              within us


              rubies are hanging

              from the trees.



                I don't pretend to have all the answers
re: the unifying of sexual communion and spiritual communion.
         There's an expression that T.S.Eliot
wrote down. He wrote these words:


        In the growth of men and in unfolding process of realization and awareness we come to know

 what the above words mean. 

        And toward the end of our lives, if mercy is 

shown to us,  we  begin to understand the meaning of forgiveness.


                                       With thanks,

                                       (C) 2014 by W.G.Milne

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